BWC Colleagues

BWC Colleagues,When I returned to BWC, I was pleased to discover various work groups studying issues relatedto the future of our agency. These began with a first-ever strategic planning retreat conducted last year by the Board of Directors. I want to share our progress on one of those issues. There was concern whether the name of our agency, the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, expresses the energy, vision and performance that characterize the good work you do each day. A work group convened last summer to explore changing our name and how to go about it. A lot of exciting work resulted, and the group did, in fact, recommend we rename and rebrand our agency. Their report can be found here. Why change our name?

  • Our name doesn’t adequately reflect who we are, what we do or what we want to become. We provide much more than compensation to injured workers. We are safety, prevention, health and wellness; weprovide security to Ohio’s employers, and we contribute to the economic well-being of the state.
  • We have a responsibility to lead. We are one of the largest workers’ compensation providers in the country, with vast expertise, knowledge and talent. Our name and brand should convey those qualities.
  • We are strong. Our operations, our finances and our reputation are as strong as ever. We are in a position to build on that success, and now is the time to do it.

The work group engaged a consultingfirm in this process, and that work continues. Our goal is to present recommendations to management and the Board soon. Please know this is just a discussion for now and no final decisions have been made. Here’s where you come in! No one has a patent on creativity. If you have an idea for renaming BWC, please forward it as soon as you can to Bob Braun at I am excited to recommend to the Governor and General Assembly a name that more fully conveys the depth and quality of our work and attracts committed professionals to join our mission. Your input is critical. Please embrace an open, creative mind and channel your best ideas for the future identity of this organization. Thank you.Stephanie McCloud Administrator/CEO Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation