Dorf & Kalniz are your Toledo, Ohio workers compensation lawyers. We represent injured workers with work related injuries and occupational diseases in the Toledo and Northwest Ohio area. The sole focus of our practice is handling Ohio workers compensation claims. As a smaller office, (two attorneys) with over sixty years of combined experience in the workers compensation field, we pride ourselves on providing personalized attention to each and every client. We understand how an injury can significantly disrupt your life and we work tirelessly to pursue all compensation and benefits on behalf of our clients.


The Ohio workers' compensation system can be a stressful and complex minefield. The Ohio BWC, the employer, the employer's third party administrator, the employer's attorneys, and the employer's managed care organization are all there to protect the Ohio BWC workers' compensation fund and their best interests. You need someone to protect your rights and your best interests.

EVIDENCE: We obtain the necessary evidence to support your workers' compensation claim from physicians, witnesses, etc. as the injured worker has the burden of proof on all virtually all issues. This may involve contacting physicians, coworkers, and other witnesses. It is imperative that all medical or other evidence is submitted to the file and that the physician's opinions are clear and use the correct medical terminology.

MOTIONS/APPEALS: We file your claim, motions, appeals, forms and any other documentation required in your claim. Ohio workers' compensation has numerous forms that must be filed for each specific circumstance.

COMPENSATION: We analyze your case and pursue all avenues to get you all compensation you are entitled to.

MEDICAL CONDITIONS/TREATMENT: We help to ensure you get the medical treatment you need and your medical bills are paid. We review your medical records from your injury and make sure you workers' compensation claim is allowed for all medical conditions caused by your injury/occupational disease. This is important as medical bills are not payable for medical conditions that are not specifically allowed in your claim

HEARINGS: We represent you at hearings on any contested issue. We, unlike most other firms, do not charge a separate hearing fee.

RETURN TO WORK: Transition back to the workforce can be difficult after a serious injury. We assist you in your transition back to work and try to get you vocational rehabilitation if you are unable to return to work at the job where you were injured.

SETTLEMENTS: We negotiate a lump sum settlements with the Ohio BWC and employers and address difficult issues including terms of separation from employment, Medicare conditional payment liens and future set-asides as well as conditional payments with Medicaid.

BIG PICTURE: We manage all aspects of your claim and help you through what can be a very difficult time in your life so you can worry about healing and returning to work.

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